Central Monitoring Services is responsible for the monitoring of your alarm system.

We have used them for over 20 years and can only recommend their services.

They are independent and not affiliated with any patrol companies. They monitor your alarm as per your instruction.

You can choose your local patrol company or get a recomendation who is currently the fasted to attend any alarms.

If you need to change any of your response instructions you can contact them

on 1300 655 009 

Please be aware that if you do not have a correct password any changes you request will be ignored.

It is in your own interest that Central Monitoring Services always has your correct keyholder contact details.

Phone numbers tend to change frequently -

if you are not sure if your details are correct or up to date please call the friendly operators and check your records

or give us a call and we email you.


Ph 9973 2600 or 0414 552 600

Get your alarm Back to base for $1.00 a day

Even if you don't have a landline we can help you

We service the Northern Beaches and lower North Shore of Sydney

Your NBN Security Solution is here right NOW


Override your old phone line with a much more secure option today.

SafeDial Wireless is a unique Multi-Path 4G/IP wireless "back to base" communications unit.

This is the only full featured wireless unit that does not incur additional GPRS monitoring fees from your Control Room.

No more 1300 xxx xxx Phone charges.  Get rid of your old phone line altogether if you wish.

GL45 3Gweb.jpg

SafeDial Wireless features

✓  Multicom, MultiPath 4G + IP device with 4 hour integrity polling.

✓  Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM

✓  Plug & Play solution

✓  Compatible with ALL Control Rooms

✓  Interfaces with any Contact ID Alarm Panel

✓  Fully redundant network from customer premise to Control Room

✓  Portability with your 1345 number

✓  Remote Arm / Disarm Pocket Secure™

    Managed Monthly SIM / Service charge applies.


‘Your Remote Guard’ A downloadable app for smart phones providing remote arm / disarm functionality for your end users. Ever left the office and forgot to arm the alarm? Not a problem, simply open Pocket Secure™ on your smart phone and secure your premises! One app can be used for arming and disarming multiple locations – Home, Office or Holiday Home.



We service the Northern Beaches and the lower North Shore of Sydney since 1996.

Call us today for all your security needs.

Phone 9973 2600 or Andy Weinert direct on 0414 552 600 or

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Security should be simple is our motto

and pet friendly, too