Security Made Simple for over 20 years!

Long before the war on terror....

Ali Ba Ba Lockmasters & Security Specialists was founded in 1996 by Andreas (Andy) Weinert who migrated from Germany to the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
Ali Ba Ba Security Pty.Ltd. was incorporated in 1997.


"I makes me proud to say that we have been trading for 20 Years and have over 3500 happy repeat customers from Mosman to Palm Beach.

Now our greatest compliment is when our second generation customers are hatching aka when parents recommend us for their first homebuyer children."

We have worked on some of the finest, most exclusive homes on the beaches to make security useful and simple to use for their owners.


We also have close relationships with leading real estate agents and look after their property portfolio needs.

We look after holiday houses with back to base alarms for their overseas or over the bridge owners.

From a simple key to a letterbox to a state of the art alarm system we can do more for you in a single visit and be more competitive than others.


When things turn pearshape and you need to finally evict that tenant, we will be there for you on time.


Security should be simple is our motto.



We service the Northern Beaches and the lower North Shore of Sydney.

Call us today for all your security needs.

Phone 9973 2600 or Andy Weinert direct on 0414 552 600 or Contact Us

Security should be simple is our motto

and pet friendly, too


Public Liability Insurance GIO    Policy Number: GS00176181

Public Liability: 10.000.000
Products Liability: 10.000.000



ABN: 25 079 893 904
Master Security Licence 000102708  

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 

Ali Baba,

in folktale, is the hero of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" in the collection of stories known in English as Arabian Nights.

According to the story, Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter, is gathering wood in the forest when a band of thieves approaches. He hides and watches them enter a cave that opens when they say the words, "Open Sesame."

After they head off, Ali Baba stands before the cave and gives the command: "Open Sesame."

To his surprise, the cave opens to reveal a gigantic supply of gold and treasures. Ali Baba packs some of the gold on his donkey and returns home.

When his brother Qasim, a rich but hardhearted merchant, discovers Ali Baba's new wealth and demands an explanation. The next day Qasim visits the cave and greedily gathers as much gold as he can, but forgets the magic formula for leaving the cave. He is found and killed, and the thieves trace him back to Ali Baba.

They plan to kill him too, but Ali Baba's slave, Murganah, discovers and foils their plan. In gratitude, Ali Baba frees Murganah and marries her.

The legend depicts common themes: two brothers with different characteristics, the rewarding of goodness or contentment, and the punishment of evil or greed. In the 18th century, French writer Antoine Galland added the folktale to his translation of the Arabian Nights, and the story became popular in Europe. The exact origin of the folktale is uncertain, although it derived from Arab, probably old Syrian oral traditions. The literary version of the Ali Baba folktale is now known throughout the world.


Security Made Simple for over 23 years!

Here is what we do best :

We design a security solution around your lifestyle and budget

that you will actually love to use.

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We implement Alarm, Home Automation, Locksmiths, CCTV, Safes and Intercom integration.

With only one visit to your home or office we can service, repair, maintain, update or improve your security, alarms, gates, locks, intercoms, CCTV and much more.

We charge a low call out fee of $86.00 including 15 min of labor

on weekdays business hours 9-5 excluding parts in our service area.

That covers simple lockouts, fix doors not locking, changing beeping accessible alarm batteries, making keys to window locks or letterboxes. (excluding parts)

For everything else we give you a fixed price quote via a site visit or phone pictures you can text to us.

smart home app security

We service the Northern Beaches and the lower North Shore of Sydney since 1996.

Call us today for all your security needs.

Phone 9973 2600 or Andy Weinert direct on 0414 552 600 or

Contact Us 

Security should be simple is our motto

and pet friendly, too




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