Here is an Airbnb SmartLock and Alarm solution

(Yale Assure Smart Lock® version)

where you DON'T have internet or wifi on site:


Prefect for remote locations (only needs 3g/4g mobile reception)


Remote Lock / Unlock / Change user codes / Turn Off Lights and Aircon / Irrigation 


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Yale Assure Digital Lock LPAn smart lock, such as the new Yale Assure lock pictured here, gives you keyless access control from its numerical keypad or from your phone. 

It also offers smartphone alerts about who's coming and going, and automatic triggering of other smart devices like your lights and security system. You can unlock and lock it from your couch, your car or from work. 

Goodbye keys; hello smarter front door

Why choose an smart lock? 

Installed as part of an security system, a smart lock gives you the following: 

1: Smarter user codes. lets you retire your spare keys and replace them with four-digit user codes for family and trusted visitors. 

It's easy to create a code for each of your kids, your dog walker, or a contractor who needs access. Unlike a spare key, you can easily delete a user code or give it an expiration date. 

2: Awareness and peace of mind. smart locks can generate smartphone alerts when people unlock the door with their user code. 

If your kids come home before you do, you can get an alert every day when they arrive. can even send you an unexpected activity alert if your door is unlocked at a strange time. 


No cylinder means no lost keys and no pick and bump break-ins. You don't need to worry about house keys with the Assure Lock - Your phone is your new key and the door can always be unlocked using the touchscreen keypad.










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Simple Installation 
Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes with just a screwdriver. (System above needs an controller with paid security plan)




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