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The Next Generation in Wireless Security and Control

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This is the most comprehensive hybrid system available in the market today !

The PowerSeries Neo leverages the most innovative wireless technology to deliver industry leading flexibility, reliability, and scalability. This ground-breakingly comprehensive and versatile hybrid security system is suited for homes or buisiness of all sizes; from small business or large-scale commercial or industrial sites.

Whether you are looking to utilize existing hardwired equipment or start from scratch with a wireless platform, the DSC Neo can deliver !

Compatibility with Wireless PowerG Technology allows for the most flexible installation, even in challenging environments.

A wide selection of wireless devices means commercial installations are no longer subject to wiring limitations. 

The Neo series is fully capable of running the Alarm.Com interactive platform.

DSC NEO Alarm and Home Automation makes you the master of your Castel !



All keypads are easy to use and are available in fully functional wireless models for the ultimate in customization.

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The DSC Neo Security System – Revolutionary Wireless PowerG Technology

  • Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communications between the devices and the control panel.
  • TDMA synchronized communication technology prevents messages from colliding by splitting channels into various time slots, allowing for an increased amount of data transmission and ensuring that devices are able to consistently communicate when needed.
  • Adaptive Transmission Power translates into up to eight years of battery life for the system’s devices and peripherals, reducing battery- replacement incurred costs.
  • 128 bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.




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GSM Alarms

NBN Ready Now. Override your old phone line with a more secure option.

SafeDial Wireless is a unique Multi-Path 4G/IP wireless "back to base" communications unit.

The only full featured wireless unit that does not incur additional GPRS monitoring fees from your Control Room.

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SafeDial Wireless features

✓  Multicom, MultiPath 4G + IP device with 4 hour integrity polling.

✓  Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM

✓  Plug & Play solution

✓  Compatible with ALL Control Rooms

✓  Interfaces with any Contact ID Alarm Panel

✓  Fully redundant network from customer premise to Control Room

✓  Portability with your 1345 number

✓  Remote Arm / Disarm Pocket Secure™

    Managed Monthly SIM / Service charge applies.


‘Your Remote Guard’ A downloadable app for smart phones providing remote arm / disarm functionality for your end users. Ever left the office and forgot to arm the alarm? Not a problem, simply open Pocket Secure™ on your smart phone and secure your premises! One app can be used for arming and disarming multiple locations – Home, Office or Holiday Home.


The Ness D8/D16 system gives you more choices than any other alarm system in that pricerange on the market today.

Easy to use, build in access control for 3 doors and home automation in one box.

There is a choice of keypads to suit any interior.

The optional IP interface and smartphone App lets you open your gates, garage doors or turn sprinkles on automatically.



Ness waterproof keyfob

The optional keyfob is waterproof.

Turn your alarm on and off from the bedroom, open your garage door or gate. There is peace of mind that you have a panic button too.


You can add an ADVANCED ULTRAPROX KEYPAD or up to 3 x proxy readers to your gate, front door or office door.  

This way you can turn off your alarm and open your front door or gate at the same time.

IP65 Waterproof.  For outdoor use in harsh environments.

Flexibility in Operation  PIN only - CARD only or PIN+CARD operation 

We service the Northern Beaches and the lower North Shore of Sydney since 1996.

Call us today for all your security needs.

Phone 9973 2600 or Andy Weinert direct on 0414 552 600 or

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Security should be simple is our motto

and pet friendly, too


3G GSM Dialler

Worried about the absense of PSTN phone lines with the NBN roll out?

Do you need a back to base alarm but don't have or don't want to pay for a landline?

Then worry no more as Ness has the solution with our 3G GSM Dialler.

Ness 3G dialer from Alibaba Security

The Ness 3G GSM Dialler provides a full time 3G GSM pathway for alarm diallers to communicate in the absence of a land line. Ideal for “Naked phone line” households, remote locations and anywhere you need easy and reliable dialler monitoring via GSM.

This unit provides support for any Dialler that reports to any Central Monitoring Station (without a need to any special control room receiver) or can dial an alarm event to a personal number, in the same fashion as it would if a land line was available. 

This model is supplied without a SIM card and can be connected to a GSM provider of your choice.

Also includes a back up battery to allow operation in the event of mains power failure.

No programming of GSM Dialler required, just plug in and installation complete.

Supplied with plug pack power supply and 3G GSM Antenna.

NOTE: The product housing shape and colour may vary depending on stock holding in each Ness warehouse.



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We service the Northern Beaches and lower North Shore of Sydney