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GSM Alarms

NBN Ready Now. Override your old phone line with a more secure option.

SafeDial Wireless is a unique Multi-Path 4G/IP wireless "back to base" communications unit.

The only full featured wireless unit that does not incur additional GPRS monitoring fees from your Control Room.

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SafeDial Wireless features

✓  Multicom, MultiPath 4G + IP device with 4 hour integrity polling.

✓  Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM

✓  Plug & Play solution

✓  Compatible with ALL Control Rooms

✓  Interfaces with any Contact ID Alarm Panel

✓  Fully redundant network from customer premise to Control Room

✓  Portability with your 1345 number

✓  Remote Arm / Disarm Pocket Secure™

    Managed Monthly SIM / Service charge applies.


‘Your Remote Guard’ A downloadable app for smart phones providing remote arm / disarm functionality for your end users. Ever left the office and forgot to arm the alarm? Not a problem, simply open Pocket Secure™ on your smart phone and secure your premises! One app can be used for arming and disarming multiple locations – Home, Office or Holiday Home.