The award-winning IQ Panel 2 is a 7” HD touchscreen with built-in 5MP camera and multiple wireless radios in  a clean, elegant, modern user interface.

The IQ Panel 2 keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart devices giving you control over your entire home.

Exciting new features like touch less disarming using Bluetooth and a built-in glass break detector are enabled through powerful software that improves over time through regular software updates.

You can have a combined total of 242 installer, dealer, master, user and duress codes.

This panel will support a maximum of 128 zones.




  • This Alarm Panel is equipped with:

  • Self-contained Alarm Panel

  • Built in RF receiver

  • Built in Module (AT&T sim included)

  • Built in Z-Wave Plus

  • Built in Bluetooth for Touch less Disarming (BLE)

  • Built in Glass Break Detector

  • Built in Internal Siren (Piezo)

  • Built in 5MP Camera

  • 2 Hardwired Inputs

  • Micro SD card slot

  • Tamper


Imagine walking out the door of your home knowing the lights would turn off, the doors would lock, the aircon adjusts and the alarm would arm without you even having to lift a finger. That"s Smart.

On your return your house would automatically disarm itself you, the front door unlocks.


The wireless Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Security System could be your ideal airbnb access control system

Be aware of who is coming or going

Grant timed user access codes right from your phone app.

Control your gates and garage doors.

You can add a second Alarm area for your personal items that can always be on and will alert you if someone attempts to open a locked cupboard or private storage area.